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                                  My name is Ashley Easter, and I am beyond excited to have you find your way into my corner of the universe.

                                  My mission on this planet is to help people break free from abuse and oppression and help them unlock the empowered life they were born to lead.

                                  Whether you are a tried and true social justice warrior looking for resources on abuse, healing, and empowerment, or you're just getting out of a toxic relationship or oppressive community and are wondering how to get your life back, you've come to the right place.

                                  I'm a huge believer that you really can have a fantastic life after abuse. I believe it because I've seen hundreds of others transform their own lives and because I've transformed my life into something freaking amazing too!

                                  Because you're reading this, I'm assuming you are READY to dissolve the toxic beliefs that are keeping you from the life you deserve. It's time for you to release the lies you've been told about yourself and your healing. It's time to take your life back!

                                  You were put on this planet to live a life of freedom, happiness, and love. I believe you have a DIVINE mission to heal yourself so you can, in turn, bring healing and empowerment to others.

                                  No matter what you were told in the past by patriarchal society or abuse, you are here for a reason, you are worthy, and you have something valuable to offer the world. There are infinite possible opportunities out there for you, and you've only just begun. Get ready to break free and gather all the tools, strategies, and techniques to radically uplevel your life!

                                  Ready to take your power back and start living free?

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                                  When I was 21 years old, a guy asked me a question.


                                  I grew up in an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church in the south. Both of my grandfathers were pastors in this strict denomination. Not only that, I was homeschooled. And, while homeschooling can be a good choice for some students in my experience it was a tool used to socially isolate me from much of the outside world and to indoctrinate me with authoritarian, patriarchal ideals.

                                  My family and church practice something called patriarchy, the belief that men should be in power and control over women in the home, church, and in some cases society too. 

                                  From the time I was a young child I was raised to be a “submissive” girl, to obsess over my clothing (to make sure I wasn’t causing men to lust), and to prepare to become a wife and mother of as many babies as possible. 

                                  The idea was the MANY children would be shot out into the world like arrows from a quiver sinking into different sectors of society like the home, church, government, media, and schools to dominate the world with our oppressive religious perspective.

                                  No kidding… my dad sold homemade arrows with children’s names engraved on it illustrating this point and I actually sat through a DVD lecture with other homeschool families during my teen years about “the 200 year plan”! It was a lecture mapping it all out how we were gonna dominate the world with our patriarchal message through overpopulation. My role as a young woman was to set aside my leadership dreams, to get married, have babies and populate the planet.

                                  So yeah, you could say I was raised in a cult.

                                  Then something happened and EVERYTHING changed!

                                  Find out what happens next
                                  She helped me overcome lack of confidence in myself and a lack of direction for my life purpose.
                                  — Megan Benninger
                                  Tapping into my intuition has been very eye opening for me. It brings such a feeling of capability.
                                  — Jen
                                  Ashley was a joy to work with every step of the way. I highly recommend Ashley’s workshops and coaching.
                                  — Jeannette

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                                  Ready to step forward towards healing and claim the life you deserve? Already done some deep healing work and you’re ready to become a social justice advocate? In my programs, Dissolving Toxic Mindsets (FREE) or Advocate Edge group coaching, you will learn valuable skills for furthering your journey of healing and even how to step into a badass advocacy role yourself! If in-person events are more your style check out my events page! No matter where you are on your journey of healing and freedom I have a course, book, or event that was created with YOU in mind!

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                                  I’m always on the go speaking, preaching, leading at conferences, retreats, rallies, and talking to international media! You never know where in the world I just might be. Find out when I’m coming to a state or country near you!

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